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Diamond quality and certification


Diamond quality is based on the four “C”s. These are C for carat weight, C for colour, C for clarity and C for cut.

There are also other factors that determine diamond quality and price such as fluorescence, milkyness and origin. Most but not all of these factors are covered in diamond grading certificates which themselves may vary in quality.

GIA certificates

The most common and trusted certificate is produced by GIA (Gemmological Institute of America). Other certificates can be reliable such as HRD from Europe and Auscert from Australia. These are all certificates provided for diamond dealers but are independent from the diamond dealer. Be warned however that there are also numerous dodgy or fraudulent certificates.

I ensure the certificate is genuine or credible and I am very careful to match any diamond to it's certificate. Sometimes a diamond is laser inscribed with the certificate number on the girdle which can only be seen under magnification. This is a virtual guarantee that the diamond matches the certificate.

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