Hand Made Jewellery Launceston, Tasmania

A History Spanning
40 Years


It was with considerable trepidation that I signed the first five year lease and opened the St John street store in 2001. It was, after all, an uncertain time for all businesses and jewellery especially being considered by most as a non-essential luxury item.

I remember talking with my staff Scott and Kym, about the importance of customer service, honesty, quality of work, and value for money as our core values that we had to stick by if we were going to succeed in the current financial climate.

Saying goodbye to Alan Whittle Manufacturing Jewellers

This July — 15 years later — marked my first and only serious sale to coincide with the closing of the St John st shopfront. Moving to a business model based solely on made to order jewellery meant I no longer needed the retail stock and was a wonderful opportunity to thank my regular customers with some below cost bargains. There was genuine emotion from some customers, and a nice write up in the Examiner calling it “the end of an era” and I can’t count the number of conversations in which I explained I’d still be available for hand making and diamond orders.

While I won’t have the shop front anymore I will still be available by appointment.

You can read a bit more about the new business structure here.

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