Hand Made Jewellery Launceston, Tasmania

Silver, gold or platinum



Silver is the cheapest and the softest of the precious metals and is suitable for larger jewellery such as bangles and chain.


Gold comes in various qualities relating to purity depending on the amount of alloy added. For example 9ct gold is 37.5 % gold and 18ct gold is 75% gold. The alloy is the added metals that are not gold and can determine the colour and hardness of the gold. For example 18ct white gold can be made by adding nickel which creates a hard gold or by adding palladium which creates a softer but more malleable gold which is better suited for setting gemstones.

White golds are naturally a slight grey colour and the completed ring is often rhodium plated to give an extra white colour.


Platinum is a metal in it's own right and is very dense, malleable and hard wearing. Platinum is whiter than white gold and is rarely rhodium plated. This is a distinct advantage as rhodium plating will wear off.

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